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Propellers to Palms

Propellers to Palms

October 16 – November 15

1520 Queen St. W. Toronto Canada M6R 1A4  Tel. 416-821-3060

Hours: Wed. – Sat. 12– 6 pm

Request list of images: 416-821-3060 or

General Hardware Contemporary is pleased to present Clint Neufeld’s work in the context of a group exhibition. Artists included in the exhibition are: Clint Neufeld, Caroline Larsen, Joe Fleming, Jinny Yu and Michael Davidson.

Review in Sculpture Magazine by: Gil McElroy read review

Clint Neufeld is a sculptor who works with concepts of masculine identity, currently in the form of ceramic transformations of engines and transmissions.

Over the past few years, Neufeld has been working with mechanical equipment and tools, casting them in delicately painted ceramic, porcelain or wax and staging them on domestic furniture and parlor accoutrements. Divested of their functionality and steely power, the fundamental nature of these utilitarian devices shifts as they become strange objects of beauty meant for contemplation.

Engines hold a significant place in the collective memory of our car-centric society, evoking inherited perceptions of masculinity. By altering their materiality, Neufeld subverts their masculine character and the inherent connotations they hold as meaningful cultural objects. Furthermore, the mechanical parts the artist selects predominantly date from the 1950s and 60s, a time when nothing was yet digitally controlled and everything could be fixed with the right knowledge and a few tools. Triggering private associations, the sculptures allow for a moment of unlikely intimacy, becoming vessels of memory connecting personal and collective histories.

Neufeld received his MFA at Concordia University in 2009. He has exhibited his work across Canada and most recently in the acclaimed “Oh Canada” exhibition curated by Denise Markonish at MASS MoCA– the largest survey of contemporary Canadian art ever produced outside of Canada. Neufeld’s work is included in private and public collections such as the Claridge Collection, the Donovan Collection and the Mendel Art Gallery. Clint Neufeld lives near the town of Osler, Saskatchewan.